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Learn Thai Alphabet in Minutes

Learn Thai Alphabet

To learn Thai alphabet isn’t quite so simple as learning your ABC’s at first glance. When you first start to learn Thai alphabet you’ll discover there are 44 consonants and 32 vowels and this can be a little overwhelming. You will also discover there are 3 classes for consonants and 5 tones but don’t worry, with a few tricks you will soon be able to commit all to memory and be on your way to reading and writing in Thai language.


Learn Thai AlphabetOne of the easiest and most popular ways to start to learn Thai alphabet today is to download the ebook; Learn Thai Alphabet in Minutes. This book works on visual memorization techniques that help you associate each consonant with something you know already. This has proved to be a very effective way of learning and is testament to the thousands of Thai students who have downloaded this book since 2005.

The book is in the format of an instantly downloadable PDF. It’s in a digital flip book style and now also available in a mobi-pocket version for your smart-phone. (no Android version yet) The author gives a full 60 day money-back guarantee and it works on a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and windows mobile.

Why Learn Thai Alphabet?

learn thai alphabetIf you are going on holiday, backpacking or even thinking of living in Thailand, you will have a richer experience even if you can only read a little Thai. Most government documents, road signs, shop signs, restaurant and bar receipts and utility bills and many more are in Thai.

learn thai alphabet

If you are learning to speak in Thai you will speed up this process by also learning to read and right in Thai too. Many of the sounds you hear in Thai are hard to translate into familiar western sounds. By learning how Thai consonants and vowels sound together makes speaking so much easier. Besides it’s fun to be able to suddenly realize you read in Thai and a whole new world starts to open up for you.

Learn Thai Alphabet

27 Sep

Learn Thai Numbers

Learn Thai Numbers

If you are going to spend any time at all in Thailand it’s wise to learn Thai numbers. Although Arabic numbers (the numerals from 1 to 10) are used frequently in Thailand the Thais also have their own numerals. You will come across them in religious texts, government and official documents, on the vests of motorcycle taxis, calendars and in the market. So studying the Thai numbers will help you save money when you are out shopping or to find out what day it is.

As you generally need to haggle or negotiate prices in Thailand to get the best price, knowing the numbers and being able to count will stand you in good stead.

In principal, by memorizing only 17 (sip jet) words you will be able to count into millions in Thai. So are you ready… saam, song, nung, lets go!

Learn Thai Numbers

learn thai numbers1            nung

2            song

3            saam

4            sii

5            haa

6            hok

7            jet

8            bpaet

9            gaao

10          sip


The numbers from 12 to 19 are the same as the numbers 2-9 except with the number 10 (Sip) in front of it. For example:

The number 12 is sip song, while 19 is sip gaao.

Any number that has a 1 after it; for example 11, 21, 31 etc. the last word of the number is “et”. So 11 in Thai is ‘sip et’, 21 is ‘yii sip et’ and 31 is ‘saam sip et’ etc.

learn thai numbers11            sip et

12            sip song

13            sip saam

14            sip sii

15            sip haa

16            sip hon

17            sip jet

18            sip bpaet

19            sip gaao

20            yii sip


30            saam sip (3–10)

40            sii sip (4-10)

50            haa sip (5-10) etc.


100            nung roi (1-100)

200            song roi (2-100)

300            saam roi (3-100) etc.


1000                     nung pan (1 thousand)

10,000                 nung muun  (10 thousand)

100,000               nung saem (1 hundred thousand)

1,000,000            nung laan (1 million)

Learn to Speak Thai: Counting numbers 1 to 10

If you wanted to say 2nd, 3rd or 4th for example; add the word ‘thii’ before the number – 2nd would be thii song. 3rd is thii saam and 4th id thii saam etc.

If your birthday was on the 21st of December, in Thai it would be ‘thii yii sip et than waa khom (December = than waa khon)

When Thais speak to you in numbers they don’t break it down like your are familiar with in the west. For example, for the number 1984  you may say “one thousand, nine hundred and eighty four” or “nineteen eighty four” A Thai would say “ nung pan, gaao roi, bpaet sip sii”. Alternatively you could just say “nung, gaao, baet, sii” and you would be understood.

Learn Thai Numbers Apps

So you want to learn Thai numbers on the fly, no worries, there’s an App for that. In fact there is quite a few. Check them out here!

Write you date of birth in Thai in the comments below if you found this post useful.

Have fun learning to count and playing with Thai numbers!

Learning Thai Numbers

30 Aug

Learn to Speak and Read Thai Language

Learn Thai – Easily Learn to Speak and Read Thai Language in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you stopped here because of the “5 minutes” you had to know that sounded to good to be true. There are a few people in the world that can pick up a language by ear and even for them it takes longer than 5 minutes. What will take you is less than 5 minutes to finish this article and develop a viable plan for learning the Thai Language.

Learn Thai - Girl with Grandfather - Issan "As The Wheel Turns" Photo by  Ronn aka “Blue” Aldaman via Compfight Some linguists believe it to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. The key to learning Thai is getting to properly make the five tones used in the spoken language. To be able to learn any language you have to relearn how to learn. The only way you will get it right is through constant repetition. Once you get the tones down you will find the language will start to get easier to understand and to speak.

There are actually four dialects, the one that most all Thai people can speak with proficiency is the central dialect. If you are going to be traveling in Thailand this one would be the most helpful all around. The Laotians speak the Northeastern dialect called Issan but they understand Central Thai language since they are similar.

Learning a language has very little to with learning grammar. Since most of speak our native language from a young age we never think much about it but we were communicating just fine without knowing the intricacies of grammar. When you learn Thai you will notice its similarity to English in the matter of sentence composition. The order is subject-verb-object-indirect object. Adjectives follow the noun. Adverbs follow verbs.

Thai script is a whole other matter altogether. The written language has its origins in Sanskrit, you will find examples of this written language on walls of temples in Bangkok and in India, Laos and Cambodia. The alphabet is a bit overboard at 44 consonants and an almost infinite number of vowel combinations. In some instances this makes it easier to write, the words or all one or two syllables and if you can pronounce it usually you can spell it. Learning to make the characters may be a bit daunting but like learning our alphabet it gets better with practice.

While you may not be able to learn to speak Thai in as little as five minutes, it definitely will not take you 5 years. Invest in yourself, it only takes a bit of time and effort and aren’t you worth it. Speaking the native language of a country or at least putting forth the effort garners you a lot more respect in these countries. You can find all sorts of material online to help you learn to speak Thai. Many lessons and programs are free. Get online to find lessons that are designed to help you to succeed, being able to greet the customs people in Thai will get you moving a lot faster and that is just the beginning of the perks.

Learn to Speak and Read Thai Language

Learn to Speak and Read Thai Language

Learn Thai – Easily Learn to Speak and Read Thai Language in Less Than 5 Minutes If you stopped here

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